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*Final and Historical Executed Documents related to Local Legislative Law and History (City Charter, Elections, Land Use Decisions, Municipal Code, Ordinances, Resolutions, Minutes, Plans/Reports and Studies, Proclamations, Project Manuals, Study Commission Information, Video Recordings)

*Internal Policies (Administrative Orders, Ethics)

*Final Procurement Documents (Bids)

*Final Agreements for Services and Land Use
(General and Property Agreements)

*Information for Consideration submitted to the City Commission and City Advisory Boards, Councils and Committees (Appeals, Affidavits of Pulblication, Agendas and Packets, Audio Recordings, Correspondence, Petitions and Protests)

*Final Financial Information related to Municipal Operations (Annual City Budgets, Capital Improvement Plans, Financial Reports, Appraisals and Offers, Bonds, Certificates of Insurance, Legal Documents)

City Commission
Community Development
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